Why You Should Buy Fair Trade!

You’ve seen the term everywhere.. fair trade, but what is it.

When talking about the fashion and accessory industry you’ve seen the term come up more and more within the past 5 years. With the advancement of technology and resources it has become easier to receive quality and safely made products to send out. Fair Trade is a movement that helps producers in countries achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainable products. It helps to create a greater equity in the international trading system. All in all fair trade is better for the importer and exporter as well as the company. It is also better for the environment and economy.

So what are the benefits of fair trade you might ask, ask and you shall receive

  • A better deal for all producers and consumers
  • By using fair trade products you are helping end poverty
  • A better deal for the environment
  • Fair wages for all organizations involved in fair trade and that includes workers
  • It has a set price scheme so regardless if the market increases or decreases the prices stay the same
  • Fair trade helps the economy overseas

If you are interested in buying fair trade, I have listed a few companies that below that participate in it.

There are tons of other companies that participate in it, all it takes is a simple Google search.

It all seems like a no brainer, buy fair trade, help the world. Who doesn’t like doing their part helping to make the world a better place.


-Happy Shopping!

Jordan Miller-Mandel, Digital/Social Media Intern




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