Swimming in Ethical and Eco Style

With the winter months coming to an end and sunshine making it’s way back into our lives, what a better topic to talk about than swimsuits!!

With so many stores selling swimsuits, it can get overwhelming and hard to find swimsuits that are good for the environment, ethical and eco friendly. Have no fears, we are here to help! I also linked their websites in the names for easy shopping!

The first sight I found is Vitamin A, they are based in California and use recycled nylon to create their swimsuits as well as use water conservation efforts to help conserve water and energy. They include sustainable fibers in their swimwear as well. So you not only get a great product but also a product that is helping the market and the environment. They carry two pieces, one pieces, cover ups and accessories. The perfect site to find all your beach wear needs.

The opening tag line for this company is all about self love. “You don’t need a better body. You need a better bikini.”- BIKYNI. This company is awesome, while creating simple pieces that are timeless and can fit all shapes and sizes. What makes this site even better? It is sweatshop free! The fabric comes in from Italy which is cruelty free and then made in house in California. It is swimwear made simple, which is hard to find now a days. It’s not just simple but also reasonable priced for any swimsuit lover.

Beth Richards Swimwear , another awesome swimwear line. They are reinventing the one piece one sale at a time. Not only are they trying to bring back confidence and empowerment in swimwear, they also are sweatshop free. This company’s swimwear not only helps the market but also helps the person wearing it. Each swimsuit has superior stretching and durability as well as 50+ UVB protection. Talk about an awesome product! Every garment from this line comes from Canada and has ethical and first world wages for employees. Talk about awesome!

Swoon Swimwear– A swimwear site that is proudly made in America, promoting ethical fashion and fair trade. Every person involved in the making of Swoon Swimwear is paid fair wages. You are only getting the greatest quality when you purchase on of these whimsical, romantic or fashionable pieces. They put their swimwear at an honest and fair price to help the market as well as the environment! It is perfect for a weekend getaway or just a casual day at the beach. Regardless you’ll be the best dressed there!

Now with all this talk about swimsuits, you are going to have to get a beach towel to complete the perfect beach day. You are in luck, we found the cutest beach towel company that is eco and ethical friendly as well!

Hammam Havlu towels are ethically handmade in Hertfordshire with strong connections to their Turkish roots! They are the UK’s first ethically towel brand. Each towel they sell is handmade and shows the culture from their local source in Denizli Turkey. They are woven by a small family ran business and only use 100% Turkish cotton. The towels are light weight, super absorbent and quick to dry. The perfect accessory for a pool or beach day. Not only do they have beach/pool towels but also hand towels, table cloths, yoga mats and sarongs!



Once again, Happy shopping, and enjoy the warmer weather!

-Jordan Miller-Mandel, Digital/Social Media Intern

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