Spring Forward

Ladies, spring is on the way. And what way to better welcome it than with fashionable statement pieces?

Let’s jump right into it. Color, color, color. This is the perfect season to take advantage of showing off the jewelry pieces that inevitably got lost under winter layers and heavy coats.


Green and Blue Glass Bead Necklace



Sweetheart Cuff


Spring is all about diving into all of the vivacious colors that the winter drowned out. Vibrant colors like blues, greens and reds will pop out when paired with whatever outfit, but especially when paired with a classic white t-shirt. It’s the perfect pop to an everyday-style.


And while it is fashionably fun to play with colors, we should never neglect our timeless staples. No matter the season, gold, bronze, and copper are go-to colors that will never go out of style! There’s a reason for this. These beautiful shades can add elegance to a sophisticated look or add a touch of glam to a casual outfit.



There is something so down to Earth about a bronze look. Swapping cool tones with warm tones is the ideal transition between seasons. Typically, warmer tones can liven up a spring outfit. This is because they complement the various shades of flowers and prints that are brought back to life in the spring.



Let’s be honest, jewelry is fun no matter the season. But a change in seasons if the perfect excuse to continue making statements with your trendy, gorgeous jewelry pieces!
By: Selena Sixtos, Social Media Intern

Model: Yessica Macias



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