Sterling Silver Teardrop Stud Earrings

Teardrop Stud Earrings
Tear Drop Sterling Silver Earrings_Consume with Love Teardrops Teardrop Sterling Silver Jewelry


These teardrop shaped earrings are very dainty, they measure just 3mm tall x 2mm at the widest part and are approximately 1mm thick. They are a great everyday pair of earrings.

They’re dainty and different and simple. They can be worn on any occasion.

Each pair of earrings are soldered to the earring posts.



Artist Statement :: Joanne Simmons, Silver Sculptor 


British native Joanne Simmons moved to the US in 2005 with her full time job. Working in an office though didn’t give her the creative outlet that she craved and after a little bit of research found Precious Metal Clay. This was the start of her passion for jewelry making and in 2009 she started selling her jewelry online. In 2015 she left her full time employment to explore working on her business. It’s proven to be the right move as she’s seen a growth in the business since being able to dedicate her attention to it full time.

Joanne’s business name Silver Sculptor comes from the metal she likes to work with and the fact that she started out sculpting using Precious Metal Clay. She says “I started learning how to use Precious Metal Clay in 2009 and since then have found my love for creating pieces in sterling silver. Precious Metal Clay was a great jumping off point for progressing to silversmithing, which is now my passion. “

She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and cat.


Joanne’s work is simple, but unusual. She makes designs that stand out whilst remaining effortless and gets inspired by her surroundings which results in striking and unusual designs.

I create all my pieces by hand, some I have cast and finish them in my home and for some, the whole process is created in my home studio in Jersey City.

She works with sterling silver for the most part and enjoys working with her customers to create customized designs.

Nature is where her inspiration begins, particularly with water as the water carrier is her star sign. “I’ve always had a special connection to nature and made sure to live near a body of water my entire life, now settled on the waterfront of Jersey City “. Making jewelry connects her to the environment as it marries natural elements and silver into tangible, wearable pieces of art. Her collections such as Aquatic, Formations, Leaves and Calla Lily are examples of how she draws on nature to create unique pieces.


Joanne is currently learning how to use Rhino to create 3D pieces. “I’ve always had a talent for self-learning software and this is getting me really excited about the possibilities. No longer am I restrained by my silversmithing abilities or having to learn how to make something, I am now restrained by my technical abilities behind the computer. I truly see this is as the way forward for jewelry design, though I would never want to give up working with my hands, which is how my love for the jewelry industry started in the first place. ”

Joanne is constantly learning and that’s what she loves about silversmithing, there’s always something to learn and always many ways to come to the same end result. One of her mantras is the Japanese word Kaizen which simply means improvement; one-time or continuous, large or small.

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