Cardamom Pod Texture Studs

Consume with Love_Silver cardy texture


Cardamomom elletaria

Green, or true, cardamom is native to South India though it is now cultivated many places as a spice. The cardamom pod is the dried fruit and is filled with small seeds that are ground for the fragrant spice.

These earrings originated with the impression of a cardamom pod onto wax. Wear them every day as a simple stud with a secret story or for occasions when a statement necklace calls for subtler earrings.

Bright, reclaimed sterling silver with sterling silver posts and backings.

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Thicket is minimal jewelry inspired by the natural world. The process of the work begins with casting found and foraged botanical specimens and other natural objects. Each piece is made by hand by designer Rebecca Perea-Kane using traditional metalsmithing techniques and sustainable, reclaimed materials.

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