Going Green on Valentine’s Day: Five Eco-friendly Ways to Celebrate Love

1. Valentine cards are the most traditional way to let friends, family, or lovers know that you love them. Skip the drug stores this year and add a personal touch on homemade valentine cards on recycled paper. Cute and crafty!

2. Here at Consume with Love, we believe in changing the world one accessory at a time. Gifting jewelry is a universal expression of love, and right now all of our jewelry is 25% off! Shop our beautiful, fair-trade, cruelty-free products at a discounted price until February 9th.

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3. Calling all chocolate lovers. Fair-trade and organic chocolate is a deliciously healthy way to indulge without guilt. Raw organic chocolate means it is free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is as healthy for your body as it is the environment! And something about a heart-shaped box just makes it even better.

4. Here’s something a bit more creative. Take that valentine card that you wrote out for your significant other and have them write one out for you. Then you can seal them up in compostable paper, bury them, and plant flowers or a tree over them. Your words will symbolically lie at the roots like a timeless figure of long lasting love. This is sure to be romantically fun!

5. Dinner dates at restaurants can be overhyped, crowded, and lack intimacy. Instead try an earth-friendly dinner for two. It can be cozy in your home or outdoors with a view. Homegrown, organic meals are delicious (and affordable) and a great alternative to eating out.

Above all else, remember to Consume with Love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


By: Selena Sixtos, Social Media Intern

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