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This week’s spotlight is on Fair Anita and their vision on making women feel safe, respected, and valued no matter their geography.

Fair Anita is a social enterprise that creates opportunities for women of all ages by selling affordable trendy fair-trade products that is made by over 8,000 artisans in 16 countries.

It all started in 2009 when Joy McBrien, the founder, embarked on a mission to learn about domestic violence against women in Chimbote, Peru. She spent her time building women’s shelters and listening to testimonials of survivors that went through such hardships.

The reoccurring theme of each story was the importance of women having a job that can provide a sustainable income so that they can get back on their feet and become independent from their abusive relationships.

Fair Anita looks up to an important figure in the Chimbote community and her name is Ana.  The empathetic leader is a social worker in the town of 400,000 people where 80 percent live in extreme poverty and 70 percent of women have reported to have experienced some form of domestic violence.

The community thinks fondly of her as she looks out for everyone’s needs and treats them with care and respect. Her commitment to improving lives reflects positive change within the women and children of Chimbote.

Her leadership and lesson of women investing in other women to become successful is the gist of what Fair Anita is all about. To this day, their work remains grounded in supporting women’s resilience through responsive business relationships.

Fair Anita empowers women through four methods: selling fair trade products, promoting skill and talent development, hosting workshops, and Philanthropic giving.

With this structure, their overall goals are to impact gender equality, fair economic growth and responsible Consumption and Production.


Here are a few Fair Anita products that we’d love to share with you:

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As Always, happy shopping!


Jennifer Cazares

Digital Communications Specialist


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